Thursday, November 14, 2019

Data is cool. . .and beautiful

A colleague of mine and I were talking about data recently and how hard it is for many folks to understand data and to contextualize it. She'd found a really cool video, which is among those below.

What I'm thinking is this: perhaps one of the data videos would be fun and interesting for students, and perhaps they might think differently about how they try to create data representation or how they use data or why data is important or how they can use data representations in something they write. 

One of the first videos you might want to watch is this one: There are other TED and TEDx talks about data. Okay, this one is pretty cool, too:

There is a "Data is Beautiful" channel in YouTube. Here are a couple of videos I found fascinating. You might need to set aside a few minutes to watch these but set a timer so you don't get lost in  this beautiful demonstration of how data works.
This is cool for different reasons.
What I love about this second one is how long AOL is at the top and then what happens when Yahoo! takes the top spot and Google begins to make its run. And keep an eye on Amazon and WalMart. Fascinating. There are all kinds of social implications to those changes, too.

Enjoy, and I hope you can find ways to use some of these, especially if there's a way to use one (or more) of them across content areas and be interestingly transdisciplinary. Let me know what you're able to do in your classrooms!

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