Monday, June 1, 2015

It's that time of year

It's that time of year. Prom. Graduation.

Parents are figuring out summer plans to keep students busy. Graduating seniors are thinking about a last blast of summer before they go off to college, or trying to find jobs to help pay for college, or working summer internships.

It's that time of year for reflection, too.

The best teachers, even if they still have responsibilities for students, are thinking about ways to learn something new or different or better for next year. They are thinking about how they improve on this year so they are stronger and better teachers next year. They are thinking about what their students have taught them as much as they are thinking about what they taught students.

The best administrators have already been thinking about ways to support their teachers and improve the environment for learning for their students. Budget notwithstanding. Because they know there are things they need to do and they may even consider crowdfunding to make it happen.

It's that time of year for being thankful the kids made it through one more year. Maybe they learned as much or more than they needed to. Maybe they still struggle with reading or with math. Maybe they're a bit behind where they should be but still behaving well.

There are plenty of students who are too young to manage the social and emotional issues that plague them, too young to handle the raft of stress and pressures that crowd them, and mostly too young to understand all of the conflicting emotions and events in their lives.

It's that time of year to worry how many students will make it through the summer to return to school in the fall.

It's that time of year to celebrate an end and the beginning of summer.

It's that time of year--and it's always "that" time of year--to hope for the best for our kids.

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